Alfredo Iannaccone


INGREDIENTS: 250 gr. Casarecce Pasta, wild thyme, 2 tablespoons extra virgin flavored with bergamot, parsley, black pepper, salt, 150 gr. pillow of black pig of Calabria, 70 gr. semi-mature pecorino silane.

PREPARATION: Let’s wash the wild thyme, fragrant and fresh, prepare a sort of vinaigrette with oil of bergamot, parsley and black pepper. We keep it aside. Cut the bacon into strips and make brown fat. We bring the pasta cooked al dente, with its water achieve a kind of cream with grated pecorino. Dry pasta in the guanciale, begin to skip to the flame, combine the cream cheese and water. Remove from heat add the herbs scented with bergamot, stir again and serve with wild thyme and savory fresh.