The One and Only Pasta Flavored with Liquore Strega di Benevento

“Unguento, unguento
Portami al Noce di Benevento
Supra acqua et supra vento
Et supre ad omne malo tempo

According to the legend spread in the XIII century, this is the magic formula that the witches of Benevento recited before doing wild dancing under the great Noce tree, on the banks of the Sabato river. We created the Artisanal pasta Flavored with Liquore Strega with a unique flavor, inspired by the legend of our territory. A pleasant discovery for the palate and a high digestibility thanks to the combination of the natural aromas contai­ned in the Liquore Strega with the production methods used. Our Pasta Stregata is made with high quality Italian durum wheat semolina, with the use of Bronze dies, with slow processig and drying at low temperatures. A unique Pasta, as unique is our Sannita territory.