Alfredo Iannaccone

Ingredients: • 250 g of Rigatoni Pasta • 200 g ricotta di bufala • black pepper • salt • 30 g of canestrato of Pienza in Val d’Orcia • 1 glass of buffalo milk fresh • 50 g of Mountain Castelmagno cheese • 30 g of black sheep of Sicily • fresh chervil • clarified butter

To prepare the rigatoni with four cheeses of author, assemble together ricotta with half of buffalo milk Aversa and give flavor with slivers of canestrato of Pienza Val d’Orcia. Make a fondue with the rest of buffalo milk and butter, simmer, add the Castelmagno cheese and finely chopped, and stir constantly to melt the cheese, but this time in a double boiler. Drain the rigatoni al dente and insert them in the cream cheese with the addition of a little cooking water. Serve by placing the cheese fondue in the mirror, keep aside a few drops to decorate the dish. If you like, perfume rigatoni with four cheeses of author with fresh chervil.