Alfredo Iannaccone

INGREDIENTS: 250 gr. Tagliatelle, Pantelleria capers, 1 clove of garlic Valley Ufita, 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive Ravece, chili Valley Ufita, some cherry tomatoes dry Sorrento, black olives vernacciole of Sannio, 50 gr. bluefin tuna, parsley, 2 anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea, 10 cherry tomatoes datterini Pachino Syracuse.

 PROCEDURE: A simple sauce but the meticulous preparation. We put the first to brown the garlic and chilli with Ravece, we consume a few seconds, then add the anchovies that must melt and add to the bottom of an extraordinary flavor. With each new ingredient its space for a few moments. The secret is not to put it all together. Order Pantelleria capers desalted, then the pitted olives (we leave some whole for decoration), then even the dried tomatoes. Finally datterini the tomatoes cut in half and finally the tuna. Even a few moments of cooking, and we join the fresh parsley and chopped fine. Keep warm, dry tagliatelle al dente, the jump in the sauce, a few moments, the flame. We serve as a kind of volcano decorating the dish with whole olives and bits of bluefin tuna. Of course still much parsley, which gives color and scent. Passion is in the pot.